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For the benefit of our clients, we are constantly trying to come out with products that suit your requirements. Our customized products such as Water Filtration Plant and Water Softening Plants are of highest quality.

We have made a sincere effort to incorporate our past experience in our offer, which has made it elaborate & comprehensive. We have incorporated several world-class renowned Water Purification Instruments that are time tested. Utmost care is taken for selection of proper material of construction for each component. This is so because we believe that appropriate selection of materials is vital in such a sophisticated system.

Over the years, Safeflex has strived relentlessly to upgrade their technological standards and this thrust has given our team a wide exposure to most sophisticated Water Purification Equipments.

The water naturally contains dissolved and undissolved impurities. Undissolved impurities of water and precipitate sludge can be removed with the mostly popular and basic treatment of filtration. Various types of Safeflex TREATMENT PLANTS are available for different type of impurities to be removed with different flow rate.

5 stage water purifierDetails of our UF 5 Stage Water Purifier

1st Stage – 5 micron filter cartridge

2nd Stage – carbon filter Cartridge

3rd Stage – 1 micron filter cartridge

4th Stage – Post carbon Treatment

5th Stage – UV sterilization



5 stage water purifierSafeflex Domestic RO

Under-the-counter / kitchen sink
Online purification for water coolers

For refrigerators with a water dispenser




gravity purifierSafeflex Gravity Purifiers

Outer Tank Storage Capacity

10 litres (approx)

Membrane type

Hollow Fibre Hydrophilic UF Membrane


Sediment, Activated Carbon, SS (stainless steel) Screen

Expected life of Membrane

4000 litres


d m plantd m plantd m plant


For many laboratory and industrial applications, high-purity water which is essentially free from ionic contaminants is required. Water of this quality can be produced by deionization.

The two most common types of deionization are: 

  • Two-bed deionization
  • Mixed-bed deionization

Two-bed Deionization
Two Bed DM Plant comprises two mild steel rubber-lined /FRP pressure vessels filled with strong acidic cation exchange resin and strongly basic anion exchange resin. They are available in a range of diameters. The modular construction permits flexibility in the selection of cation and anion units to cater to different types of raw water. Degasser modules for the range Of CA units are also available. These are useful for raw waters containing a significant amount of alkalinity. Treated water of conductivity less than 10 microsiemence/cm with ph of 7.5 to 8.5 is achieved at Two Bed DM Plant outlet .

Mixed-bed Deionization:
Mix Bed DM Plant comprise of one Mild steel rubber-lined/FRP pressure vessels filled with strong acidic captions exchange resin and strongly basic anion exchange resin in mixed form. They are available in a range of diameters. Mix Bed DM Plant is usually used as polishing unit at outlet of Two Bed DM Plant/RO Plant. The modular construction permits flexibility in the selection of cation and anion units to cater to different types of raw water. Treated water of conductivity less than 1 microsiemence/cm with ph of 6.5 to 7.5 is achieved at Mix Bed DM Plant outlet.


  • Foundries
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electroplating & Semiconductors
  • Cosmetics Industries
  • Paper & Pulp Industry

Range: We can supply these plants in specifications as per the requirements. Flow range of 1.0-10.0 m3 / hr and even more.


Water is considered ‘hard’ when it has excessive levels of calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. Hard water can lead to the following water problems:

  • Scale build-up in pipes, resulting in decreased flow rates
  • Scale build-up on heating and cooling systems, leading to increased electricity costs and breakdowns.
  • White film on glass surfaces and staining on water taps
  • Increased laundry costs due to hard water reacting with soap and laundry detergents.

Safeflex Softening units offer a water purification solution for hard water and lime scale removal.

Safeflex Series Water Softening Plants are designed to produce treated water to suit various applications. Treated water is of consistent quality with low residual hardness throughout the service cycle.

The high synthetic resin is used to exchange Sodium ion with hardness forming Calcium and Magnesium ions. After producing desired output, the resin is regenerated with [NaCl] Sodium Chloride solution after which unit is again ready to deliver next batch. Safeflex Series units are available with different models. The difference between these models is in the capacity of the resin used for each model. These units are easy to operate and maintenance-free. These models are available to produce various capacities up to 200 Cu. Mtrs per hour maximum.

A softener is sized on the basis of two different parameters, i.e.: Exchange capacity, that is the quantity of water delivered between regenerations, and maximum flow rate, which is the maximum quantity of water required at any peak usage period.

Specification :

  • FRP / Steel pressure vessel with proper distribution and collection system for service and regeneration cycle.
  • One set of frontal pipe work with valves and ejector to carry out
    normal operation and regeneration cycle.
  • One Complete Charge of cation exchange resin.
  • One Salt tank of HDPE with fitting and brine filter media.
  • One test kit to monitor raw and treated water hardness.


  • Boiler Feed
  • Cooling Tower
  • Power Plants
  • Process Industries
  • Air Conditioning Plant
  • Textile Processing
  • Hospitals, Hotels, Laundries, etc.
  • Car Washing
  • Swimming Pools
  • Laboratories


Safeflex offers Ozonation Equipment that is used to disinfect wastewater after biological treatment. Designed and manufactured in compliance with international quality standards, it oxidizes a wide range of organics and can destroy phenolic compounds. The durable, efficient and reliable system is low in maintenance and is also customized as required by the client.
Ozonation has recently gained popularity as a treatment alternative in the United States after regulatory agencies placed restrictions on the disinfection by-products, especially levels of tri-halomethane (THM).

Ozonation is an established and proven disinfection alternative as well as a peroxidant for the control of THM precursors. It also has the benefits of:

  • Oxidation and volatilization of organics
  • Control of algae and associated compounds
  • Destabilization (microflocculation) of certain types of turbidity
  • Removal of color-causing compounds
  • Oxidation of iron and manganese
  • Very short disinfection times

Partial oxidation of organics for subsequent removal by microorganisms.
It is very reactive & strongest commercially available disinfecting agent, most efficient broad- spectrum microbiological control substance available & the fastest oxidizing agent, 3200 times faster than Chlorine.

When brought into the contact of Air or Water, it destroys all bacteria, viruses & micro-organisms & cysts in a very shot duration. Any kind of decay due to these micro-organisms can be avoided & the shelf life increases when treated with Ozone.

Water Disinfection
Drinking Water, Bottled Water, Ultra pure water, Water for medical applications, Water for Injections, Potable Water, Swimming Pool Water, Cooling Tower Water, Water For, Treated Effelement Water, Tubewell Water, Housing Societies etc.
Disinfection of Food Items
Food Processing, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Cut vegetables, Dehydrated Vegetables, Dry Fruits, Spices, Milk Products e.g. Cheese, Butter, Condensed Milk, Casein Powder, Powdered Milk etc.

Bleachings of Food Items
Season Seads, Wallnuts, Dry fruits etc.

Disinfection Systems For Aqua Farming
Fish Farming, Aqua Culture, Prawn Farming. Hatchetries etc.

Deodorization, Freshening of Air & Air Quality Management
Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Dining Halls, Offices, Meeting Places, Schools, Clubs etc.

Steretization of Food Processing Areas
Food Processing, Meat Processing, Packing Areas, Raw Material, Packaging Material & Finished Product Store, Mineral Water filling Area etc.

Effluent Treatment & Bleaching
Color Removal, Reduction of BOD,COD, Recycling of Industrial Waste Water, Washing Systems, Bleaching of Organics & Inorganic Substances etc.

Sterilization in Medical Area
Hospital, Nursing Homes, Operation Theatres, Patient Rooms, ICU’s, Micro & Pathological laboratories etc.

Ozone Therapy
Skin irregularities, Cleaning & Wash Water, Colon Hydrotherapy, Ozone Bath, Ozone Infusion, Auto Hemo-therapy etc.

RO MembranesRO/UF Membranes & Housings

Safeflex supplies high-quality reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements for a wide variety of industrial, municipal, commercial, and home drinking water applications.

Few are committed to continuously delivering best-in-class quality RO & UF Membranes in the pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction. The elements selected & supplied by us enable the highest quality water at the lowest cost of operation. All elements supplied to ensure the right balance of quality performance, reliability, and cost.

Membrane Housings
Membrane Housings

Safeflex offers high pressure membrane housings commonly used across the world for reverse osmosis, nano filtration & ultra filtration applications.

Our membrane housings are manufactured on CNC controlled state of the art filament winding machine using high tensile glass reinforcements with specialized epoxy resin system.

Our housings are preferred choice in electronics, power plants, refineries, chemical, pharmaceutical & many other industry for water as well as waste water recycle plants.

These thousands of successful installations are the result of stringent quality control mechanisms, advanced technology & cordial service philosophy.

Salient Features:

  • Available in both FRP & SS 316 materisla
  • Available in 2.5”,4”,8” sizes
  • Available in different pressure ratings(300,600,900,1200 PSI)
  • Burst pressure: 6 times than operating pressure
  • Test pressure 1.5 times than the operating pressure
  • Available in end port & side port design for lower piping cost & ease of maintenance
  • Suitable for all membranes available
  • Highly polished surface
  • Rigid PVC/glass-filled PP end ports


RO Chemicals & Spares
We supply a range of technologically advanced chemicals has been carefully developed following extensive operational and scientific research activities. Each product is designed to ensure that your reverse osmosis and desalination plant installations operate at peak performance. We provide the following chemicals

  • RO Membrane Scale Inhibitors & Antiscalants
  • RO Membrane Disinfectants & Biocides
  • Flocculants
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • De-Chlorinators

Apart from this, we also provide cleaning services for heavily fouled membranes and reclaim membrane life. We also provide spares for RO plant which includes membranes, inter-connectors, brine seals, cartridges, O-rings

Filters Cartridge

Filters CartridgeOur wide range of  Filter cartridges mainly includes pleated, spun-bond, melt blown, wound, DOE, and COD7 available with viton, Teflon, silicon and EPDM gasket. This filter cartridge is available in various qualities and standard sizes for clients. They are extensively used in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, power generation and other industries.

Media Tanks

Media Tanks
Safeflex offers High-quality advanced composite solutions and reliable services, complying with customer specifications as well as various National and International standards. We provide a complete solution that includes conceptual design, prototype development, testing, manufacturing, logistic support, installation, and comprehensive after-sales service.

Key benefits of Safeflex FRP Products include

media tank

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Light Weight
  • Better Ergonomics
  • Easy Installation
  • low maintenance
  • long-lasting


These features and benefits make Safeflex products best for use in various markets and applications such as water and wastewater, metals and mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, transportation, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, chemical etc.

media tankApplications: 

  • RO Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • ACF – Activated Carbon Filter
  • Media Filter
  • MGF – Multi Grade Filter
  • DM – Demineralize Water Plant
  • MB – Mixed Bed

Iron Removal Media
iron removal mediaWe are offering superior grade of Iron Removal Media or Manganese Greensand, which uses oxidation and filtration to reduce iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide from water. It is formulated from glauconite greensand and is effectively used to remove the traces of iron from the water and provides pure water. Water Treatment is done using the following procedures:

  • On contact with higher oxides of manganese on the greensand granules, the soluble iron and manganese are oxidized and precipitated
  • The hydrogen sulphide gets reduced by oxidation to an insoluble sulphur precipitate
  • Precipitates are thereafter filtered and removed by back-washing
  • When the oxidizing capacity power of the Manganese Greensand bed gets exhausted, then it has to be regenerated by using weak potassium permanganate (KMnO4) solution, which helps in restoring the oxidizing capacity of the bed

Activated Carbon
activated carbonWe are engaged in offering superior grade Activated Carbon, which appears black and is granular. This variety of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is very popular among the clients for the purity levels it generates and the quality of treated water. It effectively removes excess chlorine, unwanted taste, color, odor and sediments organics from the water. Following are the features of our product range:

High carbon-low ash content
Imparts a high polish to the filtered water
Large granular surface area which has tremendous capacity to absorb impurities resulting in clean and fresh water

Silica Sand
silica sandWater Filter Sand is composed of hard, durable, sub angular and dense grains of siliceous predominately material. It is extracted from clean sand deposit, it’s physical properties make it among the finest available in world for filtration application. Safeflex filter sand is clean, dried, and screened to meet the required specifications with quality control.

Our Silica Sand is known for its purity and other attributes that are as per the client’s needs.

  • Safeflex Filter Sand is graded specifically for water filtration plants;
  • Filter Sand can be used in municipal, industrial or residential applications;
  • The angular shape of the uncrushed filter sand promotes good flow and even distribution;

Activated Alumina
activated aluminaWe are providing Activated Alumina, which is a widely used filtration media. It is used to treat ores and works by making them highly porous and absorptive. These are effective in removing the excess quantities of fluoride, arsenic & selenium and variety of other contaminants for the water. In order to maintain the purity levels and allow the filtered water to remain effective, appropriate regenerate such as alum or acid needs to be added or periodic cleaning has to be performed.

Water Filter Gravel
filtergravelThe range of Water Filter Gravel and Support Pebble that we offer, is spherical in shape and allows even distribution in support beds and good flow. It is quite similar to Filter Sand in properties, but the only difference is its shape. These are free from calcium and are very effective in the case of softeners, as this helps in maintaining the quality. Support gravel acts as a support for the filter media and forms the lower levels of the filter bed. Further, for supporting the media, the size needs to be calculated and the correct gradation is required. Water Filter Gravel or the Support Pebble is ideal for filtration as it provides high purity and consistent quality. These are double washed to remove all clay, shale and inorganic impurities and thus, ensure a clean and quality output.

calciteWe provide our clients superior quality White Calcite, which is an excellent Water Treatment media. It is found naturally as calcium carbonate, and is widely used for its self-limiting property. On proper application, it does not correct the pH under normal conditions, but rectifies it just so that non-corrosive equilibrium may be reached. In the typical plumbing systems, copper, lead and other metals are found, therefore, by adding Calcite the calcium carbonate present in the acidic water is slowly dissolved which reduces the potential leaching.

In order to maintain the high service rates, stop occurrence of packing and reclassifying the bed, periodic back-washing is required. Since, Calcite gets gradually depleted therefore, depending on pH value, the state of the water chemistry and the service flow, it has to be sporadically replenished. But, use of Calcite increases the hardness as calcium carbonate neutralizes the water therefore, after the neutralizing filter process the use of softener becomes necessary.

Filter Anthracite
Filter AnthraciteIn comparison to more efficient solid loading, Filter Anthracite consistently improves the removal of turbidity. Further, as this is a low uniformity coefficient media, therefore, during the period of peak in-fluent turbidity, it generates smaller changes in effluent turbidity. Our experts ensure that it is made using the best available anthracite, procured from reliable vendors. We strive to keep up the utmost quality standards, and ensure that the physical characteristics of hardness, durable finish standards and reliable performance are adequately maintained.

Brim Iron Removal Media
Brim Iron Removal MediaBrim is an efficient and economical media for the reduction of dissolved iron and manganese compounds from raw water supplies. It may be used in either gravity fed or pressurized water treatment systems.

Brim acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen and the iron compounds. In ground waters the dissolved iron is usually in the ferrous bicarbonate state due to the excess of free carbon dioxide and is not filterable. Brim, acting as a catalyst between the oxygen and the soluble iron compounds, enhances the oxidation reaction of iron and produces ferric hydroxide which makes the iron combine into sediment particles and may be easily filtered.

The physical characteristics of Brim provide an excellent filter media which is easily cleaned by backwashing to remove the precipitant. Brim is not consumed in the iron removal operation and therefore offers a tremendous economic advantage over many other iron removal methods.

Other advantages of Brim include:

– long material life with relatively low attrition loss
– A wide temperature performance range and extremely high removal efficiency.

Negligible labor costs are involved because Brim does not require chemicals for regeneration, only periodic backwashing is required.

Water Softener Resin

softner mediaThese resins are used for softening the water and removing iron levels. Our range of resins are available in different specifications and stringently tested in accordance with the international norms.

We supply premium quality ion exchange softener resin that delivers more soft water at a low regeneration cost. We offer softener resin formulated specifically domestic & commercial water softeners.

It is manufactured in bead form and is referred to as the sodium form of a cross-linked polystyrene sulphonate-type gel resin. This formulation offers a high exchange capacity, greater attrition resistance and improved chemical resistance over a wide range of temperature and pH conditions.


  • For community Purpose In rural areas
  • For residence, housing, office building Purpose
  • For school, collage, educational institutes Purpose
  • For hotels, restaurants, resorts Purpose
  • For hospitals, nursing homes and others medical institutes Purpose.
  • For Municipality water supply, Corporation Purpose
  • For Industrial purpose like paper mills, cotton mills, Poultry Firms, Chemical plant, Pharmaceutical purpose etc.

We offer a wide range of unmatched quality SS Centrifugal Pumps , which is demanded by all nowadays. We stand in the midst of predominant SS Centrifugal Pumps Manufacturers, based in India. Our Centrifugal Pumps is used in various big and reputed industries due to the reliability and best results.

Horizontal Multistage Stainless Steel / SS Centrifugal Pump

SS Centrifugal Pumps

Capacity: Q up to 323/h Capacity
Head: H up to 88m Temperature: T up to 110℃

Speed: n 2900rpm or 3500rpm

Power: P up to 55 kw *2

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Pumps which we deliver have

Superior quality
Value for money
Trouble free performance
Innovative design
Product customization
Higher efficiency
Rapid delivery of both custom & standard pumps
Responsibility of product performance service


Milk, Cream, Butter Milk Condensed Milk
Fruit juice, Beer, Wine, Sugar Syrup
Vitamin Solutions, Sugar & Confectionery.
Acids, Fine Chemicals
R O Water, DM water, Pure Water.
Vegetable Oil, Mineral Oil, Lub Oil etc.
Pharmaceutical Formulations, Syrup etc.
Alkaline Solutions / Alcoholic Drinks
Bottling Plants, Soft Drinks & Distillery
Food Processing / Liquid Food Stuffs
Water Treatment Plats
Color dyes and Pigments / Paints
Descaling Applications, Paper & Cement Industries
Detergent, Soaps, Paste & Shampoo
Textile Sizing, Dyeing & Finishing Systems
Natural Cellulose Fiber / Synthetic Fiber System
Hot & Cold Water Pumping


As all pumps are made from rolled stainless steel, mechanical properties are far superior then cast material.
Pore free, non-pitting and non-adhering smoother surface, so less friction losses, and less crevice corrosion.
Super finish surface also ensure no ingress or emission of germs or impurities
Pumps are highly energy efficient and requires less NPSH to function without cavitations
Pump can handle liquids having viscosities up to 1500 centipoise
The pumps can work under a vacuum of 720 mm of Hg, suitable for vacuum evaporators.
Pumps are available with closed/semi open impellers.
The best elastomers are used in the pumps to provide optimum resistance for high temperatures and chemicals.
Minimum working / rotating parts
Safe and quite operation levels.
Gentle product handling with lower maintenance and downline cost.
Dynamically combinations of seal faces as per customer’s requirement (single seal / double seal, seal external cooling)
Suitable for standard motor or flange type or foot cam flange type motor or engine
Monobloc or bare pumps or with trolley
Also with flame proof motors
Various types of connection like – tri’clove joints SMS, Flanges or threaded nipple/coupling
Pumps with adjustable legs, available in request

Vertical Multi Stage High Pressure Pump

Vertical Multi Stage High Pressure Pump

Specifications :

High Pressure Water Pump
Vertical Stainless Steel Pump
Power : 0.75 – 18.5 KW
Head : 4 – 300 meters
Flow : 3 – 160 m3/h

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Urban water supply and pressure boosting
Industrial circulating system and processing system
Water supply for boiler, condensing system, high-rise building or fire fighting system.
Water treatment and RO system
Cooling water system
Industrial and Chemical Sump Treatment
Sea Water Transport / Sea Farming
Waste water treatment for papermaking, metallurgy, galvanization, smelting, etc. 

Vertical Multi Stage SS Pumps

Vertical Multi Stage SS Pumps

Specifications :

Capacity: Q up to 240m3/h
Head: H up to 305m
Temperature: T up to 120℃
Speed: 2900rpm or 3500rpm
Power: P up to 110kw

Read more Applications:

Cooling water system
Municipal water supply and boosting
Domestic water supply
General industrial services
Washing plants
Boiler feed and condensate system
Water treatment

Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

It can be used to convey various medium from tap water to industrial liquid at different temperature and with different flow rate and pressure. It is applicable to conveying non-corrosive liquid and slightly corrosive liquid ,water supply, water filter and transport in water works, boosting of main pipeline, boosting in high-rise buildings, industrial boosting, process flow water system , cleaning system, high pressure washing system, fire fighting system, industrial liquid conveying, cooling and air-conditioning system, boiler water supply and condensing system, machine-associated purpose, acids and alkali water treatment, ultrafitraction system, reverse osmosis system, distillation system, swimming pool, Irrigation, farmland irrigation, spray irrigation, dripping irrigation.

It is vertical non-self priming multistage centrifugal pump which is driven by a standard electric motor. The motor output shaft directly connects with the pump shaft through a coupling. The pressure-resistant cylinder and flow passage components are fixed between pump head and in-and outlet section with tie-bar bolts. The inlet and outlet are located at the pump can be equipped with an intelligent protector to effectively prevent it from dry-runing, out-of-phase and overload.

Horizontal Single Stage SS Centrifugal Pump

Horizontal Single Stage SS Centrifugal Pump

Specifications :

Capacity: up to 27 m3/h
Head: up to 40m
Max operation pressure:
Liquid temperature :-10oC to 85℃
Speed: 2900rpm or 3500rpm
Power: up to 2.2kw

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Cooling water
Domestic water/supply
Sprinkler systems
Pressure Boosting & circulation systems
Water treatment
Water Transfer
Features :

Compact, economic, space saving construction
No shaft alignment required
Outstanding hydraulic performance
High efficiency impeller
Closed impeller with back vanes providing axial balancing of impeller loads
Easy maintenance
Low maintenance cost
Easy to install without heavy foundation

Dosing PumpsWe supply premium quality Dosing Pumps that are widely used in industrial houses for several industrial applications. The Chemical Dosing Pumps provided by us has been in huge demand in the markets because of its high pumping capacity and easy operations. Our Liquid Dosing Pumps can pump any forms of liquids like normal chemicals, viscous, slurry-laden, abrasive, corrosive liquids and other substances. The amazingly high flow rate of our pump has given us the status of being the foremost Liquid Dosing Pumps Manufacturer and Supplier from Vapi.

Special Features :

Low power consumption
Only one moving part
Compact, Light weight
Tank mountable
Easy to maintain
Composite Teflon diaphragm for long life
Corrosion resistant totally enclosed plastic housing
Maximum stroking speed is 100 spm
Optional external pulse or 4-20 mA control
Optional in-built level trip function


Liquid, including normal chemicals plus viscous, slurry-laden, abrasive, corrosive and other substances.
Waste water treatment
Cooling tower water treatment
Boiler water treatment
Municipal water treatment
Domestic potable water treatment
Chemical industries
Fertilizer injection

Specification: Covers flow rates from 0.4 cc per minutes to over 60,000 liters per hour.

water-testingTesting Services
We have testing facilities for all type of requirements

Industrial :
Water for Construction
Water for Storage Batteries
Feed Water, Boiler Water and Condensate
Water for Tanning Industry
Water for Textile industry
Water for Pulp and Paper Industry
Water for Rayon Manufacturing Industry
Industrial Effluents (Waste Water)
Water used for Irrigation, Industrial Cooling, and Controlled Waste

Water for Consumption :
Water Testing Services India
Packaged Drinking Water
Packaged Natural Mineral Water
Water for Processed Food Industry
Water for Fermentation Industry
Water used in Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Water for Ice Manufacture
Water and Ice for Fish Processing Industry
Drinking water source after conventional treatment and disinfection
Ground water or Bore Well water
Water used in Pharmaceutical preparations
River water, Spring water, Surface water, Sea water
Distilled water, Demineralized or Deionized water

Commercial Use :
Water for Swimming Pools
Water used for Outdoor Bathing
Water used for Propagation of Wildlife and Fisheries