Domestic Pure Water Plants / R.O. Plants

5 stage water purifier

Details of our UF 5 Stage Water Purifier

1st Stage – 5 micron filter cartridge

2nd Stage – carbon filter Cartridge

3rd Stage – 1 micron filter cartridge

4th Stage – Post carbon Treatment

5th Stage – UV sterilization


Safeflex Domestic RO

Under-the-counter / kitchen sink

Online purification for water coolers

For refrigerators with water dispenser

gravity purifier

Safeflex Gravity Purifiers

Technical Details


Gravity Storage Water Purifier

Inner Tank Storage Capacity

10 litres (approx)

Outer Tank Storage Capacity

10 litres (approx)

Membrane type

Hollow Fibre Hydrophilic UF Membrane


Sediment, Activated Carbon, SS (stainless steel) Screen

Expected life of Membrane

4000 litres

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