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Reverse Osmosis

Ques What is Osmosis? (Reverse Osmosis )
Ans Osmosis is based upon the fundamental pursuit for balance. Two fluids containing different concentrations of dissolved solids that come in contact with each other will mix until the concentration is uniform. When these two fluids are separated by a semi permeable membrane (which lets the fluid flow through, while dissolved solids stay behind), the fluid containing the lower concentration will move through the membrane into the fluid containing the higher concentration of dissolved solids (Binnie e.a., 2002).
After a while the water level will be higher on one side of the membrane. The difference in height is called the osmotic pressure.
Ques What is Reverse Osmosis?
Ans By applying a pressure that exceeds the osmotic pressure, the reverse effect occurs. Fluids are pressed back through the membrane, while dissolved solids stay behind.
To purify water by Reverse Osmosis membrane, the natural osmosis effect must be reversed. In order to force the water of the brine stream (high salt concentration) to flow towards the fresh stream (low salt concentration), the water must be pressurized at an operating pressure greater than the osmotic pressure. As a result, the brine side will get more concentrated.

Process of Industrial RO Plant

Raw Water Pump:-

To generate the pressure for down the line system.Pressure Sand Filter (Psf):-

The water is first filtered by Pressure sand filter Unit for removal of suspended matters and turbidity.

Activated Carbon Filter(Acf):-

To remove Colour, Odour, Chlorine, Oil & Grease from the raw water.

Micron Cartridge Filter(Mcf):-

These are Pressure Vessels Fitted internally with spun or pleated cartridge element which removes micron sized particles.

Antiscalant Dosing System:-

To prevent membrane from scaling (hardness).

High Pressure Pump:-

A high pressure pump is provided for supplying the feed water to RO System at high pressure of 10 – 12 kg/cm2.

Desalination System By Ro Membrane Element :-

A Reverse Osmosis System rejects 90-95% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

Storage Of Treated(Pure) Water:-

To store Treated (pure) water in tank.